Joel Strange


Photography has been a passion of mine for many years. This passion started when I was young and film was required. Unfortunately, money was not very available for buying film, flashbulbs (for anyone under 35, we used to buy disposable flashbulbs for some cameras) and film processing so my photography experience did not really blossom until I got my first Polaroid camera. It was awesome! I could get my pictures immediately! I was still somewhat limited then since I still had to buy the film, but I managed somewhat. Kids growing up in the digital age have it good when it comes to taking pictures, cameras are everywhere. Try to talk to one about waving your Polaroid print to try and get it to develop faster and they look at you like you're crazy!


Once I had my own children, they became my practice subjects. Then came the years of school pictures! All of you parents know how expensive that is, normally for photos that are not the best. As they reached teenage years, it was even worse. Who can relate to a package of 5 mediocre pictures for $50! Senior picture time! Ugh, more money! It was about that time that I decided it was time to launch my own business. I would think to myself every time I saw terrible "professional" shots that I can do better than that! 

As I state on some of the other pages, there are many good photographers and probably more bad ones out there. My personal goal was not to be a "good" photographer, but a "great" photographer. Yes, it's a lofty goal, but i have pride in my work and I am very picky on my shots. I treat every client as if they are the star. I want them to have a good experience and feel special, not just like another booking. Take a look around the site, check out my  portfolio, email me with any questions and I hope to see you through my lens soon!